Is COVID 19 spreading at the community level in India?

Vande Bharat Mission Bring back Indians
Vande Bharat Mission Bring back Indians

Is COVID 19 spreading at the community level in India? India crosses the seven lakhs coronavirus infections and is now the third-worst affected country in the world. Kerala Health Minister K.Shailaja, who was felicitated by the UN for successfully controlling COVID 19, has warned of community spread reaching India. After the rapid rise of COVID 19 cases in Karnataka, its Tumamkuru district in-charge minister J C Madhusamy has expressed his fears of coronavirus spreading at the community level in Karnataka. UGC orders universities to conduct final year exams for all students by September end. The US government withdraws visas for international students due to the continuous rise of COVID 19.

Coronavirus in India: Yesterday, India won the wrong race to come to the third position in the world's most infected countries. The only two countries which are preceding India are the US and Brazil in the first and second positions. India before the lockdown was way above the tenth position. Once the relaxations started, it slowly moved up in the rankings by pushing first China to gain the 12th position and then Italy, Spain, Germany, the UK, and now Russia.

Worrying death percentage in India: While the global average of the death rate is around 0.9 percentages for July, it is 2.6 % in India. It is almost 2 % more than the worldwide percentage of deaths. In the last six days, from July 1 to July 6, there were 2,800 deaths in India. With the highest 613 deaths on a single day on Sunday, July 5, it is fast reaching 20,000 with current levels of 19,693 deaths.

Coronavirus in Indian states:  Of the more than seven lakhs cases in India, only three states account for more than half of it. With Maharashtra crossing two lakhs, and Tamil Nadu and Delhi crossing 1 lakh, more than 4.5 lakhs are only from these three states. It accounts for almost 70 % of the total cases in India. Also, of the total death toll, Maharashtra and Delhi alone have more than 60 % of the deaths. In the last 24 hours, there were an additional 425 deaths and 24,248 infection cases in India.

COVID 19 in Karnataka: Recently the central government wanted all states in India to follow the BJP ruled Karnataka state ways in controlling COVID 19. But Bengaluru city alone recorded 1,235 cases on July 5, which is its highest single-day increase so far. In the last three days, coronavirus infections in Bengaluru are continuously rising to 15.7 %. Even in Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi, the rise in the same period is only 1, 2.9, and 2.6 percent. Also, Karnataka has the lowest recovery rate of 14.7 % compared to Delhi, Chennai, and Mumbai that have 71.7, 62, and 66.1 percent. Karnataka minister JC Madhusamy had yesterday expressed fears of community spread of COVID 19 due to the enormous raise.