Justice For Preethi: PG Medical Student Suicide Case In Detail

Image Credit: Twitter
Image Credit: Twitter

Preethi, a medical student harassed by a senior student in Telangana who tried suicide by injecting anaesthesia, died despite continuous efforts. The accused, Saif, has been arrested by the police.

After battling for life for around 85 hours, Dr Preethi Dharavath, the post-graduate medical student from Kakatiya Medical College in Warangal, was declared dead at 9.10 pm on Sunday at the Nizam's Institute of Medical Sciences.

Dharwad Narendra hails from Telangana, works at Railway Protection Force A.S.I., and lives in Hyderabad with his family. He belongs to the tribal class and has three daughters. Younger daughter Preethi is an MPBS student. 

After completing it, she joined Kakatiya Medical College for higher studies in Anesthesiology last year. A few days ago, Mohammad Ali Saif, a senior student, has been harassing Preethi.

At this stage, as the practical classes were going on, an Assistant Professor, one S.R., and one Senior P.G. were in the emergency surgery theatre of the hospital daily from 4 pm to 9 am. In this class, Saif and Preethy were in the same badge. 

Using this opportunity, Mohammad Ali Saif has been harassing Preethi constantly in college and the hospital. Preethi has told her father about this. He went to the college to inform the about this to the principal. But Preeti stopped him, saying he could complain if he repeated it.

However, even after this, Saif's troubles were increasing daily. Subsequently, on the 20th, Preethi complained about Saif to the college principal Mohandas and Nagarjuna, head of the anaesthesia department. 

Later, on the evening of the 21st, Mohandas and Nagarjuna called Saif and Preethi and advised them. Because of this, Saif git infuriated. He threatened her. Distraught over this, Preethi tried to commit suicide by injecting herself with anaesthesia within the next few hours.

Due to this, on the 22nd, while working in the emergency operation theatre, Preethi suddenly fainted. Her fellow students immediately rescued him and took him to the emergency department for treatment. 

Subsequently, he was taken to NIMS Hospital in Hyderabad for further treatment. Preethi's father, Narendra, complained to the Hyderabad police. On this, a case of atrocity was registered against Saif. Following this, the police arrested Saif and interrogated him in this regard.

In this condition, the body organs were severely damaged due to excessive anaesthetic injection, and Preethi died yesterday. The police have registered a case of murder against Saif under the Prevention of Atrocities Act. Following the death, Justice for Preethi is going viral on social media.