Kailasa Has A Small Airport But No Hospital? Nithyananda Health Note

Nithyananda And His Devotee
Nithyananda And His Devotee

Nithyananda, who is in search of various controversies, including sexual harassment and claiming to be a preacher himself, disappeared from India in 2019. It is said that he is on the Island of Kailasa, which he owns. But still, no one knows the exact location of  Kailasa other than Nithyananda.

Nithyananda, who is highly active on social media pages, especially on Facebook, was inactive for more than a week last month. This created a rumour that Nithyananda was dead.

However, Nithyananda explained that he was not dead and shared a photo of himself on his Facebook page. He also attached a handwritten letter to himself. The letter stated, "I have come back." And, "I am in the tomb. My haters circulated the rumours that I am dead, don't believe it. I did not die. I didn't go anywhere else.

I'm not able to speak or write about all these great truths now, but fortunately able to type (only not able to use the finger in which they fixed the pulse oximeter to monitor my heart)," He had explained on his Facebook page.

He also mentioned that " If I sit in padmasana, which is my usual way of sitting and doing my administration work or giving satsanghs, all the Nadis and breathing settle down. The mind becomes too calm to create any verbalisation or words & the mind forgets this world; it gets into nirvikalpa samadhi & breathing becomes too shallow & I forget the existence of this external world. 

So the doctor disciples who are attending to me are forcing me to lie down and consciously keep breathing. The body is habituated to being in nirvikalpa samadhi like this without food & sleep continuously, comfortably for more than six months now. So disciples need not worry about my health. My grahas & planets are also in my favourable position, so there is no death or videha samadhi for me now.

'Kailasa', the sovereign land, has a small airport but not a big hospital infrastructure. Doctor devotees who are taking care of me are feeling that if more machineries like the parental care & more medical attention are available, they can prolong my body being alive in this samadhi state & they are also working to get all machines to 'Kailasa'. Don't send any money for my medical care or for the machinery needed. You all have given more than enough already to take care of my body." 

By this, Nithyanandha confirmed that there is no big hospital facility in Kailasa. It is said that the devotees started sending money to his ashrams after knowing that  Nithyananda was sick. Nithyananda has recently issued a set of statements, mentioning, "From the day these rumours about my health started spreading, money is pouring into all our trusts from all over the world. Please stop this sending money."

He also added, "It's all your love, devotion, feeling connection, settles me from samadhi and makes me active and give satsanghs again, not the money you pour. If you want to show your love and devotion, just put the picture of my guru arunagiri yogeeshwara, light a lamp, take a selfie and post it. Whenever I open my eyes, I will try to see all your posts and send my love & blessings to all of you."

Kailasa Has A Small Airport But No Hospital? Nithyananda Health Note

Following the statement issued by the Nithyananda, his devotees are posting images of them worshipping by lighting a lamp. The images are shared from different parts of the world, and the Nithyananda Facebook page is now active with this content.