Do the low price Feluda test kit by TATA sustain in the Market?

feluda test kit price
feluda test kit price

Previously approved testing kit was forbidden by the Indian government for the wrong results on COVID. Currently, the TATA group has introduced a low-budget kit, which helps people to get tested in a short time. Will it survive in the Market is the biggest question at the moment. 

Finding vaccination is a hornets' nest at present, testing the infection of the lethal Virus on time could help medical expertise to save lives. So begetting a testing kit that gives results instantly may be a massive plus.  ICMR forbade Previously approved China kit for the faultiness. Now, Tata Medical and Diagnostics Limited in alliance with CSIR-IGIB, has given on-budget Covid-19 test kit 'Feluda'. 

China kit and The Private Labs:

Corona Virus was found in Wuhan, China, though it was a novel virus to the country somewhat china managed to control the Virus within 5 months. They used productive Testing kits, which provide results promptly that very helpful to isolate the people who are infected by the Virus. 

To have test results immediately, the Indian government preferred the Chinese testing kit earlier. But due to some fault, ICMR claimed that these kits were providing false results on the infection. So the kit was revoked within ten days, and the government canceled the bulky orders from china. Also, these instant kits smashed private labs' vocation, which takes a day to find the result.

If someone wants to get tested in a lab, they have to submit their Adhaar card and details, which will be registered in the corporation to estimate the number of the tests taken and the total number of COVID positive cases. It majorly benefits ICMR to keep a count on COVID infections in India.

But, Private labs charge Rs.2500 to Rs.3500 for a single COVID test and take more than 6 hrs to render results, which may extend to a day or more based on the masses. Delay in the result may cause the risk of an outbreak. 

TATA and CSIR-IGIB kit 'Feluda':

Tata Medical and Diagnostics Limited in alliance with CSIR-IGIB, has developed a low-cost paper-based test strip to detect Covid-19 in lesser than 30 minutes. The kit was approved by the Drugs Controller General of India (DCGI) and launched for general use. Feluda test uses CRISPR gene-editing technology to identify and target the genetic material of SARS-CoV2, the Virus that causes Covid-19.

Feluda cost minimum Rs.500 to test COVID infection as the lowest fetching test till now. Although It would affect all the private labs to get revenue, people would benefit from the affordable testing kit. Extensive testing will help to control the spread of the Virus in handy. If the Feluda survives, Normal wage people could save themselves from the contagion, If it's not, the privatization will drink all the money to the least.