Maharashtra Building Collapse: 10 dead and 19 rescued So Far

Maharashtra Building Collapse: 10 dead and 19 rescued.
Maharashtra Building Collapse: 10 dead and 19 rescued.

Maharashtra is under continuous disasters one after another in 2020.  COVID 19 has already taken more than 32,000 lives and endlessly killing hundreds of people every day. Also, the rains lashing Mumbai is collapsing one building after another.

Earlier, the Raigad building collapsed on August 26 to kill 16  people. Today, a three-storey building in Bhiwandi collapsed, has killed ten people, and still counting with 25 inside the debris. More than 19 rescued, including a four-year-old child.

Bhiwandi building collapse:

At around 3:40 AM today, September 21, early morning, when the 150 people in 40 flats of the 43-year-old three-storey building were sleeping, it suddenly collapsed in seconds. The old building occupants in Bhiwandi in Thane have already been informed by the authorities to vacate due to the building's precarious condition. But now, there is no building, and 25 people feared trapped inside after NDRF is rescuing many people from the morning.

The Prime minister, President, and the home minister have condoled the dead people in their twitter handle. Hundreds of people are dying daily in Maharashtra and thousand a day in India for the past 20 days due to COVID-19. Also, the Raigad five-story building collapse on August 26 has taken 16 lives. With more rains predicted for Maharashtra by IMD and skyrocketing COVID 19 deaths, Maharashtra's disasters continue in 2020.