CoronaVirus India Update: Maharashtra tops the COVID rank in India

Maharashtra tops the COVID rank in India
Maharashtra tops the COVID rank in India

The terrible killer CoronaVirus is devastating the world's population from December till date without posing an endnote. With an overall death rate of 2 lakhs people, the CoVid's infectious count increases abnormally day by day with the United States ranking first followed by Italy, Spain and other countries.

Moreover, India is facing a critical stage of CoronaVirus. Also the country marked 1392 CoVid cases and 48 deaths in a day with nearly 27,892 cases and 872 deaths. 

Though Indians are in lockdown mode since March 27, the second season of lockdown has extended to May 3. However, nearing the end of lockdown, State Governments like Delhi, Maharashtra, Gujarat and Rajasthan are deeply involved in the lockdown extension to control the pandemic CoVid-19.

Apart from Janata curfew, districts of several states are endorsed in entirely separate lockdowns based on the red, yellow, orange and green regions to restrict the random gatherings inside the corona affected areas.

Maharashtra tops the CoVid rank in India with almost 11 red areas already and now the State increases the number to 17 districts with almost 323 deaths by crossing 8000 confirmed cases.

With the continuous and back to back lockdown, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka and Gujarat state Chief Minister's plans to evacuate the scattered migrant workers stuck outside the homeground. However, the States are working to propose a safe and dignified exit plan in order to avoid the risk of migrating amidst the infection.

Telangana Chief Minister KCR requested his people to follow strict CoVid lockdown as the case rises immediately to 1000. The State along with Rama Rao claimed that the disease state is unpredictable obviously and advised people to support the government's efforts concerning the seriousness of the pandemic.

Apart from this, Indian Council of Medical Research is working seriously by engaging 280 government laboratories around the country to develop a vaccine against the world's best killer disease. Meanwhile, Tamilnadu Dr.MGR University researchers has successfully completed the CoVid vaccine testing of the first phase through a process called Reverse Vaccinology.

Overall, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a video conference with the Chief Minister of all States regarding the extension and further measures of Janata Curfew inside the country.