Manipur Violence Against Women, Kuki - Meitei

Main culprit house was set on fire
Main culprit house was set on fire

About 53 per cent of Manipur state belongs to the Meitei community. Similarly, about 40 per cent of people belong to the Kuki tribe. Among them, the Kukis have tribal status. Similarly, the Meitei community is fighting for tribal status.

A huge clash broke out between the two communities on May 2023, as the Kuki protested against giving the Meitei community tribal status. It turned into a riot across the state of Manipur. More than 150 people were killed. 

On the following day (i.e. May 4), Meitei, about 1000 mens, entered a village inhabited by Kuki and engaged in severe violence. 2 Kuki women were dragged in a procession without clothes. The brutality with which they raped and tortured them was also staged.

Two people were killed who stopped it. Video footage of sexual violence against two women was suddenly released the day before yesterday. The 26-second video footage of two women being naked and being bullied was heart-wrenching. The video went viral across the country and caused a huge stir.

The Supreme Court itself has registered a case and is investigating. After this, the Manipur police started hunting those involved in this horrific incident. The investigation was conducted based on the video footage. The main culprit arrested, the main person who sexually assaults and transports women, has been arrested.

Yesterday afternoon three more people were caught by the police. The police have kept them in a separate place and are interrogating them. Manipur Police said that the search for the others is going on.

A consultation is underway to recommend the maximum death penalty for the four arrested. Manipur Chief Minister Biren Singh is expected to announce the recommendation. In this situation, Kuki people have been protesting since yesterday morning to condemn the sexual brutality of the Meitei people in Manipur.

In many places, Kuki people wore black shirts and participated in the protest. Last night also, there was a protest carrying a fire band. In some places, the Kuki people protested.

As the protest continues for the 3rd day today, tension has increased in Manipur. Additional security arrangements have been made. In this case, the Main culprit's house was set on fire. Last night, mysterious men surrounded his house and set it on fire. This caused tension in the area.

Many of the gangs featured in the video are absconding. The Manipur police have said that they have arrested 657 people till this morning and are interrogating them. It has been confirmed that the captured people went into gangs and looted the village of KuKis. Many more are expected to be implicated in the investigation.

There is fear that mysterious people may attack their homes and belongings. This has further increased the resentment between the two communities in Manipur.