Mother-In-Law Killed Grandson Due To Hatred Over Daughter-In-Law

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Saroja Gooley lives in a village under Gajendragarh in Karnataka's Kathak city. Her daughter-in-law was Nagarathna. She had a baby last February. Nagarathna has been staying at her parents' house for six months with the child, Aadvik.

After that, Nagarathna has come to her husband's house for the last three months. In this situation, on November 22, Nagarathna went out for work and returned home. And to her shock,  she didn't find her son Aadvik at home.

When Nagarathna asked about the kid, her mother-in-law Saroja didn't give a proper answer. As a result, Nagarathna, who is suspicious, has complained to the police.

In the investigation conducted by the police, Saroja has given the shocking information that she killed her grandson Aadvik and buried him in the nearby forest area.

After this, the police took out Aadvik's body and sent it for post-mortem. Saroja used to give her grandson Aadvik spoiled food. But Nagarathna said during police interrogation that she did not suspect Saroja would go to this extent.

Police are investigating this case and are awaiting the post-mortem report. A police official said a final decision can be taken only after receiving the report.

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