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IPL 2021: Mumbai Indians Announced it's Partnership

Mumbai Indians is ready for the IPL 2021

IPL fever has begun with a fierce vibe among the fams and cricketers. But few restrictions are made due to the COVID pandemic. Even 2020 IPL was in the ground of initial Corona.

And the teams started to prepare themselves with great energy to give hits on the ground.  The teams tweet their partners and sponsors on their Twitter page, which is retweeted by the fans.

IPL 2019 and 2020 winner Mumbai Indians tweeted their partnership with Men of Platinum as their official jewelry partner. 

MI tweeted, 'We are thrilled to announce #MenofPlatinum as our official jewelry partner Blue heart. Here's to those who push the boundaries and write a chapter of change. Raising hands.'

And this tweeted is hitting likes and retweeted.