Mumbai: Woman Fakes Sexual Assault Complaint To Revenge Friends

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A 42-year-old woman living in Mumbai's Kurla area had filed a complaint with the police last December that three men trespassed into her house in the early hours of November 30, threatened her with a knife, sexually assaulted her and heated her genitalia with a cigarette. He was also in the hospital for two days. 

The police have registered a case and are investigating. Among the three accused, only Bablu Mohammad was arrested and has been in jail for the past 40 days. In this case, the police conducted a serious investigation and found out that the complaint given by the woman was fake.

Regarding this, Kurla Police Station Officer Deshmukh said, "During the examination of the woman who filed the complaint, it has been revealed that she was not sexually assaulted. The test was conducted in two hospitals to confirm this. It has also been revealed that the wounds on his body were self-inflicted. 

Forensic investigation results also did not favour the charge. The investigation revealed that the four were involved in drug dealing. The concerned woman has filed a false complaint against the three people to take revenge on them due to a business dispute between them. A detailed report in this regard will be filed in the court,” they said. The other two accused have categorically denied the allegations against them.