Mysuru Woman Locked Inside House For 12 Years By Insecure Husband

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A shocking incident happened in Mysuru where the husband locked his wife inside the house for 12 years and locked her with three locks just because she looked beautiful and she was talking to her neighbours.

A man named Sunalaya married Suma and had two children. This family resides in Mysuru district, Karnataka. Since Sunalaya's wife Suma was more beautiful than him, he kept his wife inside the house.

And the additional reason was he noticed his wife Suma was talking to her neighbours once he went out of the house to work. Due to this he closed all the windows in the house with board and locked the outer door with three locks.

The worst thing about this is that there is no toilet inside the house. The toilet is just outside the house. And so Sunalaya gave Suma a bucket for toilet and loo breaks. He also makes a habit of taking the waste from the bucket himself and throwing it out when he returns in the middle of the night.

Their daughter was also kept inside the house with her mother and only the eldest son was sent to school. Sunalaya, who works as a labourer in the neighbourhood, returns home only at around 11 or midnight and her son, who goes to school in the morning and returns home in the evening, waits at the door until his father arrives.

On receiving information from the neighbours, Sub-Inspector Subhan, a lawyer named Siddappaji, and other officers broke the lock and door where the woman was kept and conducted a search. When the window was broken, the woman from inside asked for help. The authorities later rescued the victim and the two children.

While interrogating Suma, she said that for the last 12 years, her husband had been beating her, torturing her and keeping her locked inside the house.

It was revealed that Sunalaya had three wives and the first two wives got divorced after not tolerating his torture. Police officials handed over the rescued 3rd wife Suma to her mother's house. A case has been registered and Sunalaya is being interrogated. This incident has caused a stir in the locality.