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Nashik Oxygen Leak: 22 Patients Died in Maharashtra

White fumes that aroused after the leakage of Oxygen tank

Leakage in the Oxygen tanker took away the lives of 22 COVID Patients in Maharashtra today. The fumes that rose around the Hospital made it the patients hard to breathe.

Twenty-two Covid patients who were under treatment in Dr. Zakir Hussain NMC hospital died after the leakage in the Oxygen tank. Among that, 11 patients were men, and 11 patients were women.

And to notice, 157 patients were undergoing treatment at the Nashik hospital where 61 patients are critical, with some of them on ventilator and oxygen support.

When the government is in shortage of oxygen, this incident made the public panic. The public and the relatives of the patients started to raise questions against the hospital.

Majeed Memon, who served in parliamentary standing committee for Law and Justice, tweeted, 'Leakage of Oxygen from tanker in Nasik has caused loss of several litres of oxygen and panic in the Hospital. Those responsible for negligence must be identified and punished.'

Prime Minister Modi has also tweeted about the sorrowful incident.