NEET Suicide : Odisha girl Adds to the Suicide list Due to the stress Writing the Exam

Odisha girl adds to the suicide list due to the stress of NEET
Odisha girl adds to the suicide list due to the stress of NEET

NEET exams were conducted on Sunday, September 13, for 15,97,433 students all over India. The central education minister tweeted yesterday that 85 to 90 % of students attended the exam, and it showed the AtmaNirbharBharat of young people. It means that more than 2 lakh students were unable to write the NEET exam this year due to the pandemic. In the JEE main exam, out of the 8.78 lakh students, only 6.38 wrote the exam, which shows more than two lakhs did not write the exam this year.

Apart from these poor students unable to write the exams of their life, many students take their life on fear of writing these exams. More than three committed suicide in Tamil Nadu in one day on September 12, and reports of one young girl committing suicide in Odisha on the same day.

Actor Surya comments on NEET & Judge contempt letter

Actor Surya in a letter condoled the deaths of more than five students in Tamil Nadu in the last one week and wanted people to join forces against NEET.  Being the founder of the Agaram Foundation, which helps poor rural students to have the education, he said that they are unable to have coaching classes to clear the NEET exams. He had also said that the judges via video conferencing had dismissed the plea even to postpone the NEET exams. Immediately Madras High Court judge S M Subramaniam wrote to the chief justice of Surya committing contempt of court.

NDTV reports that the judge's translation of Surya's statement circulated in the media is incorrect. The judge had added words like no morale to pass orders. Meanwhile, Surya has won comprehensive support on social media for his statement #TNStandsWithSurya which is trending now on Twitter.

Odisha girls commit suicide due to NEET fear.

Just as three commit suicide on the fatal September 12 in Tamil Nadu, on the same day, an Odisha girl, only 18 years old, had committed suicide due to NEET fear. Upasna Sahu of Mayurbanj district in Odisha had studied in Kota, Rajasthan, for the NEET exam. She returned to Odisha only in May and was preparing for the exam. On Saturday evening, she hanged herself in her house due to the fear of writing NEET. Also, it is not confirmed whether it was due to her inability to reach the NEET center to write it that could have caused the suicide.

India reported more than 94,000 new infections yesterday, and the total tally is to cross 50 lakhs and active cases 10 lakhs in a day or two. In this scenario, nearly 16 lakhs students wrote the NEET exams of approximately traveling more than 100kms for the exam centers. Each student has to be accompanied by one or two of the parents or guardians. Nearly 50 lakh people were forced to travel hundreds of kms to write the all-important exam of their life in the rapidly spreading contagion. And famous people like Surya voicing against it are charged with the contempt immediately with wrong translations.

Additionally, lakhs of students did not write the exams and have to wait one more year or lose the opportunity of their life due to lack of transport and pandemic fears. Many young students have committed suicide due to fear of writing NEET exams during these pandemic times. But the education minister says that the JEE and NEET exams are completed and are proof of AtmaNirbharBharat.