Odisha Girl Jumps From School Roof To Escape From Gang Rape

Representative Image
Representative Image

The girl and her brother from Odisha's Keonjhar district had gone to their elder sister's house in Jajpur by bus last Sunday. The girl and her brother got down from the night bus when it was raining heavily. At that time, a gang of 5 people there instructed the girl and her brother to stand aside in the nearby school assembly and go after the rain stopped. 

Hearing the gang, the girl and her brother took shelter inside a nearby school. Then, the gang followed the two and severely attacked the girl's brother. Later, they tried to gang rape the girl. As a result, the shocked girl ran to the school's roof to escape the gang. The girl jumped from the school's roof as the mob chased her away. 

In this, the girl was seriously injured. Following this, the girl's brother shouted and called the neighbours for help. After this, the neighbours gathered to hear the screams. The girl jumped down from the school roof to escape from the sexual violence. The girl's brother was also rescued and admitted to the hospital. 

On hearing the neighbours coming, the gang left the girl and fled from the spot. The police registered a case in connection with the incident and arrested a gang of 5 people who tried to assault the girl sexually.