Omicron Variant: India Lockdown Again In February To Control Spread?

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The fresh cases on Omicron following the Corona is increasing minutely in India. With the number of Omicron Covid variant infection cases in India rising to 23, a third wave of the pandemic is expected to hit India in February next year.

This was stated by IIT Kanpur professor Manindra Agrawal, who is part of a team of experts who can mathematically predict the spread of corona infection. In an interview, he said that the omicron virus could cause a third wave in India in February, but its impact would be less than a second wave.

Although the transmit of the Omicron is high, it is said the Omicron variant is not leading to critical cases but only mild infection. It shows only mild symptoms, and so the public must be careful with this Omicron infection. IIT Kanpur professor Manindra Agrawal, therefore, recommends lockdowns like night curfews, avoiding crowding, time restrictions and the ban on meetings to avoid the spread of the virus. 

Agarwal also predicts that up to 50,000 people a day will be infected in India every day when the Omicron virus attack is at its peak in February 2022. He claims that this figure is based on the speed of omega spreading in South Africa. So far, this infection has not led to an increase in the number of patients in hospitals in South Africa. The admission of patients in hospitals due to the Omicron variant will give a clear picture.

The World Health Organization's chief scientist, Soumya Swaminathan, says children and those who have not been vaccinated are more likely to be exposed to the Omicron. 

It is a must that the public must know the seriousness of the virus. It is shocking to see people without masks and without maintaining social distance in public places. The buses are still loaded with passengers with no social distance. The seriousness of the Covid has been forgotten by the public as the day are back to normal once the lockdown has been announced, then they will get back the seriousness.

After the statement issued by the IIT Professor  Manindra Agrawal, the talks on the lockdown in India became the topic. If the cases start to increase, the restrictions will be proposed and will be bought to action to control the spread of the virus.