Only God can save us from coronavirus says Karanataka health minister

Only God can save us from coronavirus says Karanataka health minister
Only God can save us from coronavirus says Karanataka health minister

Karnataka health minister B. Sriramulu's comments on coronavirus yesterday on July 15 have created a controversy now. After coming to the fourth position with nearly 50,000 infected cases, Karnataka is now only after Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi. After the steep rise in cases in India, which is nearing ten lakhs and also in Karnataka, the minister's comments on "Only God can save us Coronavirus" reflects the pathetic situation of the pandemic in India.

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu today once again cloaked a new high of 4,549 cases and 69 deaths. Though there is a high number of infection cases in Tamil Nadu, there are many positives due to coronavirus in Tamil Nadu that include

  • The highest number of discharged patients so far at 5,106
  • The highest number of test so far at 45,888 samples
  • Decreased positivity rates even at higher testing of samples
  • Chennai continues with fewer than 1200 cases with today's 1,157 cases
  • Deaths not exceeding the recent highs even with today's 69 deaths
  • Madurai has a rapid rise in the last few days, reducing infections with only 272 cases today from the highs of near 500
  • Out of the total 1,56,369, the discharged patients are 1,07,416 and only 2,236 deaths
  • The percentage of discharged is around 60 %, and the death percentage is only less than 2 % in Tamil Nadu

Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu districts

Tiruvallur, the adjacent district to Chennai, reported a surprising rise of 533 cases which is nearly half of Chennai of 1,157 cases. 3, 392 cases in the other districts is alarming, and apart from Thiruvallur the other districts include

Tiruvannamalai - 213, Vellore - 257, Toothukudi - 173, Virudunagar - 147, Ranipettai - 147, Villupuram - 108, Kanyakumari - 147, Dindigul - 126, and Chengalpattu - 183.

Daily India is reaching new peaks in infection cases to reach the ten lakhs mark and the death to 25,000 shortly. In Tamil Nadu also it is touching new heights with deaths above 60 for the past few days. It is for people to be safe from coronavirus to safeguard their life and livelihood.