Petrol DieseL Hike At Chennai Has Caused Stir Among The Common People

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Representative Image

Petrol and diesel prices have risen for the fourth consecutive day in India today. Due to this, the price of petrol in Delhi has crossed 107 rupees, and in Mumbai, it is close to 113 rupees per litre.

Meanwhile, petrol and diesel prices have risen in Tamil Nadu as well. In Chennai today, petrol is being sold at Rs 104.22 per litre, up 30 paise, and diesel at Rs 100.25 per litre, up 33 paise. Motorists are worried as petrol and diesel prices continue to rise. 

The rise in prices has come as a shock to motorists as oil companies continue to set petrol and diesel prices on a daily basis based on international crude oil prices.

Petrol and diesel prices have been rising for the past few days, with petrol selling at Rs 103.92 a litre and diesel at Rs 99.92 a litre in Chennai yesterday. The risen price of Petrol and Diesel has affected many common people life. It is said that the cost of groceries has increased due to transportation expenses.