Psycho Killer: Murdered Women And Had Sex With The Dead Bodies

Representative Image
Representative Image

The psycho killer who killed women and had a physical relationship with the dead body has caused a huge stir in the locality.

Ram Babu, who works in the real estate business, lived in a rented house with his wife at Visakhapatnam. It is said that his wife has an illegal relationship with the house owners. Since then, they both had conflict daily and divorced four years ago. At the same time, he was fired from the business.

Following this, he was frustrated and turned to be a psycho. He targets the women who are alone at home and murders them. Later he had sex with the dead body. Out of suspicion, he was arrested by the police and was investigated yesterday. During the investigation, he said that, since his wife cheated on him, he started showing hatred for women, so he killed the women and then had physical intercourse with the dead women.

Psycho killer Ram Babu's sexual behaviour with the dead body has caused a huge stir in Visakhapatnam.