Remains Of A Man Exhumed Following Negligence Of Hospital Complaint

Vadakke Kannamangalath Stebin
Vadakke Kannamangalath Stebin

On December 5, the body of a man aged 28 who succumbed at a Kalpetta Fathima Hospital on December 1 was unearthed at a church cemetery in Pulpally town, Wayanad, Kerala. 

The exhumation took place following a complaint filed by the family of Stebin, 28, who alleged that medical negligence was the primary factor leading to his death.

On December 1, the incident occurred when he independently visited Kalpetta Fathima Hospital for a surgical procedure to remove the pulp from his nose. Due to the doctor's negligence, Stebin died at the hospital after receiving the anaesthesia, as per the family's complaint.

It is reported that the postmortem examination was not done before giving the body to the family. Subsequently, the family filed complaints with the District Police Chief, District Collector, District Medical Officer, and the Health Minister on December 4.

Considering the complaint by Stebin's family members, the exhumation procedure was conducted under the supervision of RS Saji, the tahsildar of Vythiri, and involved personnel from the Pulpally police station. An assistant police surgeon examined the body.

Later in the evening, the body was transferred to the Government Medical College, Kozhikode, for a postmortem examination. This negligence of the health department has caused a huge stir in the locality.

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