Mourning week for Bollywood: Rishi Kapoor died today succeeding Irfan Khans homage

Rishi Kapoor
Rishi Kapoor

Bollywood actor Rishi Kapoor died at a hospital in Mumbai today. The Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor was subsequently treated for months at a hospital in New York City, USA after detecting cancer in 2018.

Actor Rishi Kapoor, returned to India last September, suffered a sudden collapse yesterday. Rishi Kapoor was admitted to the Reliance Hospital in Mumbai.

Unfortunately, the ever smiling actor lost his place on earth today at the age of 67. Notably for the unknowns, Rishi Kapoor recently appeared in big screen via 'The Body's film directed by Jeetu Joseph. With all his fame and goodness, Rishi Kapoor succession in the industry hits the silver screens as a blockbuster through his son Ranbir Kapoor.

However, the Bollywood celebrities and fans are worried about the news of Rishi Kapoor's death. Bollywood actor Irrfan Khan, who has been battling cancer since 2018, died yesterday.

Rishi Kapoor dies before the Bollywood stars recover from Irfan khan's shock. Bollywood celebrities are worried after two celebrity ridicules in two days.

Fans and celebrities have said that they are praying for the peace of Rishi Kapoor's soul inside home due to the CoVid lockdown.

Apart from the mournful greetings of several Bollywood stars, Directors and Kollywood stars like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hasan, Selvaraghavan, Tappsee Pannu, Genelia, Tamanna Bhatia and many more in the list are showing their condolences to Rishi Kapoor's wife Neetu Kapoor, daughter Ridhima and son Ranbir Kapoor.

Even Though CoronaVirus infection takes life in large numbers on one side, Bollywood stars are experiencing different life battle treating cancers and struggles a lot.

However, like Irfan Khan's homage, Rishi Kapoor's funeral ceremony will also be restricted to fewer crowds in order to maintain the contagion.