Second MLA dies to COVID 19 in India for Coronavirus

Second MLA dies to COVID 19 in India for Coronavirus
Second MLA dies to COVID 19 in India for Coronavirus

Second MLA dies to COVID 19 in India for Coronavirus: After J.Anbalgan of DMK being the first MLA in India to die due to COVID 19, Tamonash Ghosh, an MLA in West Bengal, died yesterday, June 24. Sixty years old three-time Trinamool Congress MLA Gosh died in a hospital in Kolkata.

Meanwhile, India recorded the highest one day increase of coronavirus infections so far, with 17,000+ cases and 422 deaths yesterday. KK Shailaja, the Kerala health minister, spoke at the UN's public service day on June 23. She was the special invitee by the United Nation for her efforts to control the coronavirus in the state. 

Coronavirus infections in India: Every day there are new highs in the coronavirus infections in India. If it was 15,689 cases on June 23 and yesterday, June 24, it is record high of 17,156 in one day. Maharashtra with 3,890, Delhi 3,788, and Tamil Nadu 2,865 cases are the top three in the list of infections. Delhi is to undergo door to door checking until July 6 to control the rapid rise. It has overtaken Tamil Nadu for the second position with a continuous increase of cases now.

10th board exams in Karnataka: More than 8.5 lakh students start writing their tenth board exams now on June 25 in Karnataka. Exams are conducted in 2,800 centers across Karnataka, which will continue until July 5. Meanwhile Supreme Court today will decide on conducting the remaining CBSE exams for the tenth and twelfth standard. In a petition filed by some parents to cancel the exams, the CBSE board will be filing their counter today on their opinions, based on which the orders will be passed today.

Lockdown and heavy fines in Tamil Nadu: In the last 100 days of lockdown, more than Rs. 15 crores have been collected as fines in Tamil Nadu. Nearly 5.5 vehicles have been seized due to violating the lockdown norms as per police reports. In the last six days alone, 35,663 cases have been filed in Chennai and the three districts for violation of intense lockdown.

30,414 bikes were seized in the same period. Due to the issue of not closing shop until 7:30, a father and son are now dead in Sathankulam. A video of a tenth standard boy taken away by Coimbatore police yesterday is going viral in the social media. It is because of the boy coming in the bike with his parents and some issues due to it.

The people should realize the need to follow the standard operating procedures is only to safeguard the people. The police should also consider the sufferings of the people due to coronavirus, and lockdown is the opinion of experts.