Shops to Work 24x7 in Tamil Nadu, New Shop Establishment Act

Shops to Work 24x7
Shops to Work 24x7

Tamil Nadu becomes the second state to keep all shops and establishments to work 24 x 7. The notification issued by the Principal Secretary of Tamil Nadu in GO (MS) No. 60, dated 28.5.2019 comes into effect from 6.6.2019. It is as per the Central Government's legislation known as the Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Bill finalized in 2016. It empowered all state Governments to implement the bill in its original form or modify as per need to keep open cinema halls, restaurants, shops, banks and other working places 24 x7.

Tamil Nadu Government first to allow 365 days working of shops and establishments:

In 2017 it was the Tamil Nadu Government which enabled all the shops and establishments to work around the year. But the 24 x7 working hours was implemented by Maharashtra Government in 2018. Now the Tamil Nadu Government has become the second to implement it.

Rules for shops establishments to adhere to the new 24 x 7:

  • This unique 24 x 7 applies only to shops and establishments with 10 or more employees
  • All employees are to work only for eight hours a day and 48 hours a week. They can work overtime till 10 and half hours and 58 hours a week and the overtime pay should be credited in their bank account.
  • For women employees', prior written consent from them is necessary and adequate safety and other facilities to be in order.
  • All this and many more have to be stringently followed by employers for this 24 x 7 working time extension.
Advantages & disadvantages of 24 x7 workings of shops and establishments:

In this e-commerce, world shopping is done anytime anywhere. Hence it has become a necessity for retailers to compete with them. So, this move could enable retailers to be open for buyers all the time will help boost their sales. Also, it will help buyers to purchase their required need any time. It will increase the revenue of the state by way of taxes. Restaurants, cinema halls, and other public needs can be catered round the clock.

The employees, though, will get overtime pay to have to bear the brunt of working more hours. Even with stringent measures, they will be compelled to work more than the stipulated time. It could cause physical and mental health problems and affect them and their families. Also, women safety will be more of a concern. It has to be seen how this new policy of the Tamil Nadu Government works in future.