Swine Flu Affects Six Judges of the Supreme Court of India

Supreme Court of India
Supreme Court of India

Unprecendent Swine Flu breakout in the compounds of Supreme Court left six top court judges to fall ill to it.

A recent report from a senior judge of the Supreme Court of India stated that around six top judges of the top court have fallen ill suddenly and found they were affected to the H1N1 flu, aka Swine flu.

As per Justice DY Chandrachud, this recent unprecedented event has been taken to the knowledge of Chief Justice SA Bobde. Soon, the CJI to discuss the situation.

Also, Justice DY Chandrachud said that he had asked the CJI to initiate the H1N1 vaccination process to the workers of the Supreme Court.

As per the source, the CJI is to hold a meeting with all the judges of the court to discuss the situation and start the remedial actions.