Here's Why the June 21 Total Solar Eclipse Won't Bother the Coronavirus

Here is Why the June 21 Total Solar Eclipse Will Not Bother the Coronavirus
Here is Why the June 21 Total Solar Eclipse Will Not Bother the Coronavirus

Why Do the Solar Eclipse Not Affect the Coronavirus?

The fear that arose from superstition is dangerous than a pandemic itself. There is no wonder that people are already scared of Coronavirus since the day it started killing people and put them in hospital ICUs. Apart from that, there is no vaccine for it. Such fear leads to many baseless predictions like heat will kill the virus, this virus is a bio-weapon, and now, the newest of them is "the solar eclipse will stop the spread of Coronavirus."

WHO has already thrown some of the predictions to the trash. But, the newest prediction of the Coronavirus and the solar eclipse is still trending. Will the June 21 Solar Eclipse really kill the Coronavirus? No is the straight forward answer from scientists who heard this claim.

So, here is why the Solar eclipse won't kill the Coronavirus?

Because an eclipse is just a natural phenomenon(Obscuring of light) that occurs twice a year, it happens as a result of the passing of an opaque object in between the source of light and the observer.

So, what has led to this claim marrying the Coronavirus with the solar eclipse? Everyone is aware that the first case of COVID-19 was reported in China back in December 2019. Pointing out this outbreak in December, Nuclear and Earth Scientist Dr. KL Sundar Krishna of Chennai told ANI that the COVID-19 would be a result of bio-nuclear interactions in the upper atmosphere.

According to the scientists, the bio-nuclear interaction happened due to the interaction of the first neutron that was emitted by a fission reaction after the December 26, 2019, solar eclipse. But, what contradicts Dr. Krishna's claim, is the first COVID-19 case of China has been traced back to November 17, 2019.

Sundhar Krishna also believes that as the COVID-19 broke out after a solar eclipse, the same will break it apart, which means the June 21 Solar Eclipse will kill the virus. To back his claim, Dr. Krishna somehow connected the Sun's Corona, a ring of gas that can be seen as a bright-crown during an eclipse with the virus.

Similarly, the COVID-19 has an outer structure like the Sun's Corona. Evidently, the Sun's corona is a couple of Kelvins hotter than the Sun's surface. So, Dr. Krishna believes the hot gas will kill the virus.

Well, maybe the gas will kill the virus if the Earth is about a few miles closer to the Sun. Unfortunately, the situation will kill the Earth itself.

Fortunately, the only way to ward off the COVID-19 is to wash your hands with soap or alcohol-based hand wash and sanitizers and maintaining social distancing.