Tripura HIV Outbreak: 47 Students Died, 828 HIV Cases Reported

Tripura HIV Outbreak
Tripura HIV Outbreak

In a recent incident, Tripura has been alarmed by an outbreak of HIV cases, with over 828 students have tested positive for infection, with 47 deaths reported. This outbreak has raised concerns among health authorities and the public, requiring rapid and efficient responses to control and handle the situation.

Cause Of HIV Outbreak:

The outbreak primarily affects people who inject drugs, a group already at high risk of HIV due to needle-sharing practices. Reports indicate that contaminated needles and syringes may have played a significant role in the rapid spread of the virus among the students. 

The crisis has had a greater impact on students from well-off families, where both parents frequently hold jobs in government services. Officials pointed out that these families are usually able to meet their children's needs, but identification of drug use and HIV infection often happens too late for effective intervention.

527 students are alive whereas 47 already died due to their serious condition. Students from Tripura who are not from the area are strongly advised to make arrangements to leave and return to their homes. 

TSACS Report:

A senior official from TSACS (Tripura State AIDS Control Society) commented on the current number of active cases in the state, stating, "As of May 2024, we have recorded 8,729 individuals receiving care at Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) centers. Among those living with HIV, the total count stands at 5,674, comprising 4,570 males, 1,103 females, and one transgender patient."

The HIV outbreak in Tripura serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges in battling HIV/AIDS, particularly among vulnerable populations such as PWID (Person Who Inject Drugs).