Truck Driver Rapes and Kills A 6 Year old Girl in Telangana

Rape Case
Rape Case

In Telangana near Peddapalli around 11 pm, a minor girl was kidnapped and raped by a truck driver. The police arrested the accused and a case was filed against him.

The Victim who lost her life was a 6-year-old kid and her mother works in a rice mill. The cruel incident took place at a rice mill in Sultanabad Mandal's Katnapalli village.

The kid was sleeping with her mother outside the rice mill on June 13. In this situation, the truck driver, who is also said to be working in another mill, takes the child from the sleeping mother. He carried the child to the bushes and sexually assaulted and then killed her. 

The mother of the child who woke up and found her daughter missing, alert the neighbors. With the help of the owner, they witness the truck driver kidnapping the child from the mill's CCTV footage.

The CCTV video caught the truck driver carrying the child which went viral on social media. This created a lot of hatred in social media and around Peddapalli as a kid turned into a victim of a heinous crime.

The victim's mother said to the media, "There was a power cut at night around 10.30 pm. Hence I slept in the open space in front of our quarters along with my two daughters. When I woke up in the middle of the night we found the child missing. We checked with the neighbours and she was nowhere. When we informed the owner, he checked the CCTV footage. We alerted the police."

The kid's body was found the next day around 6 am and it was moved to Sultanabad Government Hospital for post-mortem. The accused was arrested in his workplace and then accepted to the crime. The truck driver was identified as Vinod from Bihar and a case was filed against him under POCSO.

The police Commissioner, M Srinivasulu said, “Upon receiving information, we immediately sent a search party. Based on the clues we nabbed the accused, who had joined work as usual on the following day. The accused has confessed to the crime. He will be sent to remand.”