UP Rape Accused Out on Bail Kills Victim Mother, Commit Suicide

UP Rape Case
UP Rape Case

A shocking incident happened in Uttar Pradesh on July 8, two rape accused on bail attacked the victim's family, killed the mother of the family, and later one of the accused killed himself.

The Rape Accused On Bail:

The rape case was filed against the accused in August 2023, and bail was granted to him in May. It is also alleged that the accused, who is charged with rape, consistently blamed the victim's family for filing a complaint against him, claiming that he was not involved in the case. The accused carried a grudge that eventually led to the unfortunate incident.

The Rape Accused Attack:

According to survivors, the attack occurred at around 3:30 AM. The family had chosen to sleep on the terrace of their three-story building. In this case, two rape accused claimed the building and launched a vicious assault on the sleeping family.  

The accused were armed with 312 and 315-bore country-made rifles and sharp-edged weapons. Tragically, the mother lost her life in the attack, while the father and sisters sustained injuries.

During the attack, the family members began alarming and crying for help desperately. The loud gunshots alerted neighbors, who swiftly responded by chasing down the rape accused.

One of the accused ran into fields and shot himself to death. After receiving the news, the police rushed to the spot. The family was sent to the hospital and received proper treatment.

Victim's Family Accused On Police:

One of the survivors has reasonable accusations against the police, claiming that they were careless in handling the situation. According to the survivor's family, they had previously reported threats from the accused to the police last week, but no action was taken against the accused at that time. 

The police themselves have admitted that there were "serious lapse" on their part and have stated that the officers responsible will be held accountable for their inaction.

The Rape Accused Family Accusations:

On the other hand, the rape accused's family has blamed the survivor's family and claims that the accused is innocent while blaming the survivor's family for their current condition. The rape accused made a video in which the accused denies committing the crime. The police are continuing their investigation regarding case.