US Statement On India Buying Crude Oil From Russia At Cheap Price

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India has sought to buy crude Oil from Russia at lower prices as international crude oil prices have risen. In the first phase, an agreement to import 35 lakh barrels of crude Oil will be finalized between the two countries soon. It is also said that the price of crude oil supplied by Russia will be dollars 20 to dollars 25 per barrel lower than the market price.

It has been reported that Indian Oil has taken steps to purchase 30 lakh barrels of crude Oil in the first phase, despite strong opposition from the United States and European countries.

The United States has said it will not restrict sanctions on India from buying crude Oil from Russia. However, the United States has said that the purchase of crude Oil from Russia could misrepresent India.

Meanwhile, international crude oil prices fell below $ 100 after three weeks. Demand for this speciality has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals in China. Further progress has been made in the Ukraine-Russia talks. Based on this, the price of crude Oil in the world market has come down.

Britain has announced it will suspend all Russian crude oil imports. Russia and Saudi Arabia each account for 12% of global crude oil exports, second only to the United States.