CoWin Portal : COVID Vaccination For All Above 18 Years

COVID Vaccination Registration process for Above 18 starts from April 24
COVID Vaccination Registration process for Above 18 starts from April 24

The vaccination is accelerated in the country, and the positive cases are increasing every day. The public started volunteer themself to get vaccinated after noticing the counts of covid cases.

The public is still unaware of the importance of Covid 19. It is a must to know that Vaccineis just a shield to protect oneself from Coronavirus. 

Even a vaccinated person can get COVID 19 positive, but the effect will be less than the non-vaccinated people.

It is mandatory to wear the mask even a person gets vaccinated. The vaccinated people stopped wearing masks after getting vaccinated, thinking they won't get affected by Corona.

People started to get vaccinated, and India is one among the country that has a higher vaccination count, which must be appreciated.

As announced by the government vaccination process is celebrated as a festival in many places. Frontlines, doctors, aged people, and people above 45 age have almost received the vaccination.

It will be more appreciable if the left out people come forward to get vaccinated. As announced b the Government, the above 18 age group is requested to get vaccinated from May 2.

The vaccination registration for all the above 18 starts on April 28. Eligible age members can register on the Co-Win vaccinator app portal,

MygoIndia's official page has tweeted, 'Don't get misguided by rumors/news stating that registration for vaccination of 18+ citizens to start from April 24, 2021! The registrations will start on the #CoWIN platform and Aarogya Setu App from April 28, 2021, onwards. Stay informed, stay safe! #IndiaFightsCorona.'