Vetri Duraisamy Updates: Locals Intensify Search After Reward News

Vetri Duraisamy
Vetri Duraisamy

Vetri Duraisamy, son of former Chennai mayor Saidai Duraisamy, has been missing following the accident. An intense search operation is made to find Vetri Duraisamy, and his father, Saidai Duraisamy, has announced one crore rupees to the person who gives information about him.

Vetri Duraisamy recently took a trip to Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh, along with his assistant, Gopinath, from Vellakovil, to see the location for his upcoming thriller movie.

After eating at the hotel, Vetri and Gopinath took a local car and went to Shimla with the driver, Tenzin. Then, the driver suddenly suffered a heart attack when the car was going to the Kasang Nala area.

As a result, the car lost control, overturned into a 200-foot ditch, and fell into the Sutlej River. After the information, the police rescued the car that had fallen into the river by tying a rope. Tenzin's body was recovered from it. Gopinath was also rescued alive with injuries on the river bank.

However, the level of success is unknown. They have been looking for him for five days. Brain tissue has been found in rock crevices. A DNA test is done. Saidai Duraisamy's DNA has also been taken for testing, and both have been sent to Chennai. 

The police say that only after the DNA results can we conclude. Vetri's iPhone, his suitcase, and a bag containing his belongings have been recovered from the river and handed over to his family. Vetri's family are waiting with the hope that he will come back alive.

Vetri's video footage at the hotel before the accident is going viral; at the same time, it creates sadness. Locals are also engaged in searching for Vetri as his father, Saidai Samiyappan Duraisamy, announced a reward of Rs. 1 crore.

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