VJ Archana Stands Up For Trolls Against Prachi Nigam

VJ Archana and Prachi Nigam
VJ Archana and Prachi Nigam

Prachi Nigam, a 10th grader from Uttar Pradesh, was ranked first in the Uttar Pradesh Board examinations of 2024 and she became the target of online trolling due to her appearance (Facial hair). After witnessing cyberbullying through social media, VJ Archana took a stand against the trollers in her Social media post.

Who Is Prachi Nigam?

Prachi Nigam is a 10th student in Uttar Pradesh. She is a bright student who scored 98.5 percent in the Uttar Pradesh Board examinations of 2024. She gained fame not for her hard work but for her appearance. Social Media trollers are insensitive and trolled her for her looks, especially for her facial hair.

Prachi Nigam Interview:

In an interview, Prachi Nigam mentioned how she was subjected to online harassment and thanked the people who supported her during those tough times. She mentioned that had she not topped the board exam, she would not have gained media attention, and the trolls wouldn't have occurred.

Despite the trolls, she said with a positive attitude, “However God has made me, I am okay with it. For those who feel there is a difference, it doesn’t matter. Even Chanakya was trolled, and he did not care. Similarly, I also don’t care and will focus on my studies.”

Even at this very young age, she bravely handled the social media troller in a matured way, and this conveyed her bright future. The way she replied to the trollers is appreciated by many people.

VJ Archana's Stand On The Issue:

In this situation, a Bigg Boss Fame actress, VJ Archana witnessed the constant trolling of Prachi Nigam on social media and reacted to it. Archana addresses how the trollers are unfair for treating a young girl for her facial hair. 

VJ Archana states how her looks overshadowed her marks by the trollers. She said that no one should undergo what young girl Prachi Nigam underwent in recent days. 

VJ Archana On Cyberbullying:

VJ Archana mentioned the alarming increase in cyberbullying incidents in recent times. She also expressed her concern that if people started reporting every instance of cyberbullying, the cybercrime office would be loaded with thousands of complaints every day.

In her opinion, cyberbullying should be considered a severe crime, and the punishment for this crime should be equally severe. She concluded by stating how ashamed she feels of the trolls who indulge in such despicable behavior.