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45 Year Old Man Raped Minor Girl With Wife Sujnhana Consent In Wayanad

Wayanad Rape Case Accused

A couple has been arrested in connection with a rape case involving a minor girl in Kerala's Wayanad. Cherukunnu Prachithan (age 45) hails from Poothadi, Wayanad District, Kerala, and lives along with his wife, Sujnhana (38). A girl was living under their care from 2020 to 2023.

In this situation, Prachithan has raped the little girl. Later, he repeated the same with the consent of his wife, Sujnhana, and also took the video and nude pictures.

Following the unusual behaviour of the daughter, the parents questioned the minor girl. They were shocked to hear that Prachithan raped her and threatened that he would publish nude pictures if she revealed this incident to anyone. Shocked parents reported the sexual assault happened to her daughter to the police.

After the police conducted an investigation, it was found that Prachithan and his wife, Sujnhana(38), were involved in this rape incident. Following this, a case has been registered against three, including Suresh(59).

Subsequently, Prachithan, Sujnhana, and Suresh all went absconding. A third accused, 59-year-old Suresh, had surrendered before the Kalpetta POCSO court last week. Prachithan and Sujnhana surrendered at the Kenichira police station on Monday. Further investigation is underway.