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Kerala Car Bet: Baiju And Chilli Suni Bet On Suresh Gopi Chance

Car Bet On Suresh Gopi Victory

Congress and BJP activists have placed bets on each other, wagering a Swift and a Wagon car based on Suresh Gopi's victory assumptions. The bet was recorded in a video and posted on social media, which quickly went viral.

The Lok Sabha election was more competitive this year than others and the political party had held huge campaigns and actively delivered speeches pointing to the negatives of the opposite party.

In this case, in Kerala, two political activists Baiju and Chilli Sunil, took this election results to another level with their bet on the cars Swift and Wagon R.

The bet was taken between two political activists Baiju and Chilli Suni. Thekkan Baiju supports the congress UDF (United Democratic Front) candidate K. Muralitharan, whereas Chilli Suni supports the NDA (National Democratic Alliance with BJP) candidate Suresh Gopi.

They both released a video in which, they bet on the car stating if Suresh Gopi wins the election, Baiju will give his Wagon R car to Chilli Suni, and if Muralitharan wins, Suni's Swift car will be given to Baiju.

After placing the bet, the video was posted on social media, and it quickly went viral. Netizens took sides and began supporting their favorite political leaders.

The latest report states that Suresh Gopi, who is a candidate for the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party), won the election in Thrissur with 412,338 votes. Will Baiju keep his word and deliver his car Wagon R, to Chilli Suni as promised in the bet?