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Kerala on Alert: Over 50,000 Refugees with Fake Aadhaar Card

Kerala Aadhaar Card Forgery

According to military intelligence, over 500,000 refugees from certain countries are currently residing in Kerala with fraudulent Aadhaar cards.

It has been revealed that several Aadhaar centres in Madhupur and Nagaon in Assam, Kalimpong in Bengal, Nadia, Uttar Dinajpur, and Perumbavoor in Kerala were compromised, and illegitimate Aadhaar cards were produced.

Fake Aadhaar Card By Refugees:

Recent reports have brought to light the issue of fake Aadhaar cards being used for scandalous purposes. Specifically, refugees have reportedly been using these fake cards to stay in different states, while Indian criminals have been using them to create travel documents and leave the country.

Military Intelligence Report:

In response to a military intelligence report, the Border Security Force (BSF) has intensified surveillance in the border states. The BSF's aim is to crack down on the use of fake Aadhaar cards and prevent the misuse of such documents for illegal activities. This move is critical to ensure the safety and security of citizens and to prevent the exploitation of the system by those who seek to break the law.

Responding to reports of potential infiltration in coastal states, including Kerala, the Coast Guard has recently increased its surveillance efforts in the area. Approximately a year ago, central intelligence agencies received reports indicating that individuals were using fake Aadhaar cards to enter the state undetected. Since then, the Coast Guard has taken measures to monitor and secure the coastline in an effort to prevent any unauthorized entry and safeguard the safety and security of the region's residents.

Security Protocols For the Aadhaar System:

In February of this year, a concerning report emerged stating that 50 Aadhaar IDs had been forged as a result of an infiltration of the online Aadhaar system of the Malappuram Triprangode Akshaya Kendra. The breach was carried out by unauthorized parties using IP addresses based in Bengal and Jharkhand, which raises questions about the security protocols in place for the Aadhaar system. 

The infiltration has led to concerns about the safety and validity of Aadhaar IDs, which are used for a wide range of purposes in India, including accessing government services, opening bank accounts, and enrolling in education programs. The incident has highlighted the importance of maintaining robust cybersecurity measures to protect sensitive information from unauthorized access and misuse.

Fake Aadhaar centres:

Several fake Aadhaar centres have been reportedly operating without a board in Bhai Markets, located in Perumbavoor. These centers are involved in producing fake Aadhaar cards using the same image but with different names and addresses. The Kerala Police's anti-terrorist squad recently conducted checks and found that many of the Aadhaar cards seized were fake.

It is essential to note that creating and using a fake Aadhaar card as an identity document is a severe offense under the Aadhaar Act (2016). The act states that anyone found guilty of such an offense may face imprisonment of up to three years and a fine ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

It is pertinent that the authorities take necessary measures to curb such illegal activities and bring the perpetrators to justice. The public is also advised to be cautious of such fraudulent activities and report any suspicious activity to the concerned authorities. It is reported that fake Aadhaar centres operating without a board inside Bhai Markets in Perumbavoor are producing Aadhaar cards with different names and addresses using the same image.

Many of the Aadhaar cards seized by the anti-terrorist squad of the Kerala Police during the last day's checks were fake. Creating a fake Aadhaar card and misusing it as an identity document is an offense under the Aadhaar Act (2016) punishable with imprisonment of up to 3 years and a fine of Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh.