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Kerala: Actor Vijay Car Attacked by Fans in Thiruvananthapuram


A shocking incident occurred in Thiruvananthapuram where Vijay fans caused damage to the car he was in. The incident happened while the actor went for shooting for his film GOAT in Kerala. The breaking of the car's windshield caused quite a stir.

The final shooting of this GOAT movie is currently underway in Kerala. Vijay flew to Thiruvananthapuram from Chennai yesterday, March 18, for the shooting.

Upon his arrival, fans waiting for hours at the airport gave him a warm welcome and even accompanied him to his hotel at a rally on two-wheelers and cars. They chanted "Thalaiva" and "Thalapati" all the way to the hotel where Vijay was staying. While driving, Vijay waved at his fans and reminded them to drive carefully. 

During a particular moment, the admirers of Vijay became excessively enthusiastic to catch a glimpse of him, causing notable damage to his vehicle. The window of his car shattered and broke. A video of the occurrence has been circulating online, and its popularity has increased.