Lok Sabha Election 2024: Polling disrupted at Kerala Booths

Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024
Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024

Kerala people started to vote early since the weather is too hot. The election process was delayed due to the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) breakdowns that happened in different places in the Kerala state.

Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024: 

The Lok Sabha 2024 Voting starts at 7.00 am on April 26 in Kerala. Kerala people began queuing in front of the 25,000 voting booth early to avoid the hot weather. The voting booths are guarded with high security. Around 5.62% of the Kerala people visited the voting booth to vote early. 

Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024 Mock Poll:

Before the actual voting began, a mock poll was conducted to test the EVMs. During the mock poll, votes were cast in favor of all candidates, including NOTA (None of the Above), whose names were listed on the EVMs. 

The Election Commission instructed a minimum of 50 votes to be cast during the mock poll. After clearing the EVMs and verifying their accuracy, the actual polling commenced.

Kerala Lok Sabha Election 2024 EVM Machines Breakdown:

The EVM met with breakdowns as the Lok Sabha 2024 commenced. The EVM breakdowns make the election process slow down. Amidst the breakdowns of the EVM machines, the machines were replaced, and the election continued eventually.

To ensure the safe and secure Lok Sabha 2024 election polling, the Election Commission has provided around 66,000 security personnel across Kerala.