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Kerala: Ticket Examiner Dies After Being Pushed By Train Passenger

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A ticket examiner (TTE) who was pushed down from a train by a passenger in Kerala died tragically after being hit by another train. This incident has caused a stir among the Kerala Rail Development Corporation.

While on an express train from Ernakulam to Patna, a ticket examiner named Vinod was checking the passengers. It was revealed that Rajinikanth, a passenger in the S11 coach, was under the influence of alcohol and had travelled without proper reservation. Additionally, some passengers were found to have travelled with him without proper reservation.

When an argument broke out, Rajinikanth pushed the ticket inspector Vinod off the train at Velappaiya near Thrissur.

Another train coming in the opposite direction struck the ticket inspector, Vinod, causing his immediate death. In this regard, the police have arrested Rajinikanth from Odisha and are conducting an investigation.