Kerala: Unmarried Mother Killed Her New Born In Pathanamthitta

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A horrific incident where a mother killed her newborn has come to shock in Kerala.

Neethu, aged 20, hails from Melevettipuram near Pathanamthitta, Kerala. She was in love with a young man from Thrissur. They used to hang out and spend time together frequently. In this situation, Neetu became pregnant, and she gave birth last week.

Since the lovers have not married, Neethu fears facing society and her family. Fearing that, she decided to kill the baby. Then, shortly after the birth of the child, she carried it to the bathroom, poured water on its face and suffocated it to death.

Hearing the baby cry, the neighbours were alerted and informed the Police Station. The Thiruvalla police, who reached the spot, started to enquire about the incident. After investigation, the truth was revealed. 

The Police recovered the newborn's body and sent it to the Kottayam Medical College for post-mortem. Then, it was found that the child died of suffocation due to water entering the nose. Subsequently, the Police arrested Neetu.

The mother has given a confession that when she gave birth to a child out of marriage, she suffocated the child by pouring water on its face.