Kerala: Who Are Shyamala And Antessa Joseph Trapped In MSC Cargo Ship?

Cargo Ship Seized By Iran
Cargo Ship Seized By Iran

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards seized the MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) Cargo ship for violating maritime laws with 17 Indians as crew members. A woman and a boy named Shyamala from Kerala are among the 17 Indians trapped in the MSC Cargo ship.

On April 13, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards seized the MSC Cargo ship, which had a Portuguese flag on it, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards expressed that the ship "violated maritime laws" and reasons that the vessel was certainly connected to Israel.

Kerala Family awaits his son's return:

In the MSC Cargo Ship, 17 crew members were Indians and the news shocked the Country. One of the Indians was the son of a Kerala couple.

Shyamnath is the son of an Elderly couple, Vishwanathan and Shyamala. The other is the Antessa Joseph who got trapped in an MSC Cargo ship. 

Expressing his concern, Mr. Vishwanathan, father of Shyamanth said, "We are going through tough times. we have great concerns about the safety of our son. The company authorities said they could not contact the ship crew after the seizure," 

Shyamnath, had worked as a Second Engineer on MSC Aries for ten years. Despite the difficult circumstances, Shyamnath's parents remain optimistic about their son's well-being.

Kerala Woman in Cargo Ship:

Antessa is also one of the crew members on the MSC Cargo ship. Antessa's family mentions their concern through the video about how her name is ignored and there is no mention of her in the Kerala Chief Minister's letter to the External Affairs Ministry. 

The official of the Chief minister's office said that there is no mention of a woman's presence and the matter was taken up with the Central government. 

Non-Resident Keralites Affairs (NORKA) took necessary steps to ensure the safety of Antessa with fellow Indians. The family of Antessa was emotionally and mentally disturbed by the ignorance of her presence on the Cargo ship.

India Contacted Iran Authorities:

India contacted Iran Authorities through diplomatic channels from both Tehran and Delhi. It asked about assuring the conditions of Indians and the early release of the 17 Indian crew members of the Cargo Ship MSC Aries.

Iran has announced that it will soon allow Indian authorities to meet the 17 Indian crew members aboard the cargo vessel. The MSC is collaborating with relevant authorities to ensure the well-being of 25 crew members and the vessel's safe return.