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Election 2024: Annamalai Setback Disappointed BJP In Coimbatore

Lok Sabha Election 2024 Result

The highly expected Lok Sabha election 2024 results are out with BJP leading in the election. The election results make the BJP followers happy as Narendra Modi is expected to be the Prime Minister for the third time.

From 8 am yesterday morning, the Indian nation turned its gaze towards the counting centers, eager to know who will rule the democracy of India. The Lok Sabha Elections of 2024 carried a high anticipation, unlike any other election due to its heavy competition around the election.

For politicians, supporters, and spectators is a moment for months of campaigning, debates, and speculation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to secure a third successive time and that makes the Modi followers excited and they are celebrating their winning in the Lok Sabha election 2024.

BJP leader Narendra Modi is leading with securing  240 seats out of 543 in the Lok Sabha 2024 election and the Indian National Congress secured second place securing 99 seats, following SP in 37, AITC in 29, DMK in 22, and TDP in 16.

In Tamil Nadu, the ruling party with M K Stalin as a leader turned out to be the MP candidate for the Lok Sabha 2024 election after DMK winning 22 seats out of 39 (without alliance excluding Pondicherry), INC in 9, VCK in 2, CPI in 2, CPI (M) in 2, MDMK in 1, and IUML in 1.

The outcome of the 2024 Lok Sabha election holds considerable significance for M K Stalin. The victory excited the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) followers and made them celebrate their success.

In the Coimbatore region, Annamalai was standing for the BJP political party. After his announcement as a BJP candidate, many stood in support of Annamalai during the election campaign. The majority were youngsters, and that made the Coimbatore people believe that he might win the election.

Many expected that this Lok Sabha Election 2024 would pave the way for the BJP to enter Tamil Nadu via Coimbatore, but the result was totally unpredictable. Amidst the visit of PM Modi for the campaign to Coimbatore, the result seemed to be a huge loss to the BJP in Tamil Nadu.

Seeing the hype given to Annamalai over social media, many young YouTubers made videos asking the people of Coimbatore about Annamalai. The majority said positive comments about him. Even on the social media pages, the users created polls to interact with the voters, and many voted in support of Annamalai.

However, contrary to popular belief, Annamalai failed to win the Lok Sabha election in 2024. This upset the ex-IPS officer's followers, and he gained 4.5 Lakh voters in Coimbatore.

In this regard, BJP candidate Annamalai wrote on his X, "I bow down to the people of the Coimbatore Parliamentary constituency and thank the 4.5 Lakh voters who bestowed their faith in NDA BJP4TamilNadu. You believed in the vision of our Hon PM Shri narendramodi avl for his Viksit Bharat. You have given us historic votes in the history of Coimbatore PC for NDA, and still, we were short of the winning mark.

I congratulate and convey my best wishes to the winning DMK candidate of Coimbatore, Thiru Raj Kumar avl. I take this opportunity also to wish the candidates from other political parties and the independent candidates who participated in the race to win the people’s mandate to be Coimbatore PC’s Member of Parliament.

Finally, I assure the loving people of Kovai that we will double our efforts to win your love & mandate in the future".