BJP Candidate Annamalai Draws Massive Crowds in Coimbatore

BJP Candidate Annamalai
BJP Candidate Annamalai

The spotlight is on K. Annamalai, the BJP Tamil Nadu state president, as he campaigns in Coimbatore for the Lok Sabha Election. Unimaginable crowds gather wherever he goes to campaign, and today, he was accompanied by roaring bikes as he campaigned in Peelamedu and Souripalayam road in support of the BJP.

As a young candidate, Annamalai has gained nationwide attention and has become very popular among the youth. There are high chances of him winning in Coimbatore this time, as his campaigning is in full swing.

After Annamalai was announced as the BJP candidate, there were jubilant celebrations in Coimbatore. The party's supporters distributed sweets and lit crackers in anticipation of victory. The very next day, more than 18,000 volunteers gathered in the city to canvass for Annamalai in the parliamentary elections. This was organized by the "Public for Annamalai" movement.

Although he encountered a few controversies during the election period, his young supporters are making efforts to raise his name in the public.