Road Show: High Security And No Drone Zone In Coimbatore PM Modi Visit

PM Modi
PM Modi

Drones have been prohibited from flying in Coimbatore until March 19, coinciding with Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit and citing various security concerns.

As the announcement of the Lok Sabha elections looms, Prime Minister Modi continues his tour across different states, marking his fifth visit to Tamil Nadu this year.

The Madras High Court intervened to grant permission for PM Modi's Coimbatore roadshow on March 18, overturning the Tamil Nadu police's initial denial. This decision comes amidst concerns over security and the city's historical communal tensions. Justice N Anand Venkatesh has directed the Coimbatore Police to facilitate a 4km route for the roadshow under specific conditions.

Given the heightened security measures for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit, drones have been strictly prohibited in Coimbatore until March 19. The Coimbatore Police Department has implemented temporary no-fly zones effective from Friday, March 15.