Karnataka State Cabinet Expansion Date Fixed but still been Confused

 Karnataka State Cabinet Expansion Date Fixed
Karnataka State Cabinet Expansion Date Fixed

Karnataka State Cabinet Expansion 

The cabinet expansion process has been postponed so far. The final date for the expansion of the Cabinet on Wednesday, June 12 has been fixed. Karnataka Chief Minister Kumaraswamy, who had gone to Rajbhavan today, met the governor for a time and will be expanding on Wednesday at 11:30 am and the three legislators will be sworn in at Raj Bhavan. According to the sources, Ramalinga Reddy, Shillaghatta MLA V. Muniyappa and Kudhthigi MLA Amare Gowda Biayapura are likely to be a minister.

Vacant ministries

Three ministries are currently vacant, along with the resignation of some of them who have been resorted to unhappiness. So it is understood that the disgruntled will get a seat in the cabinet on Wednesday. It is interesting that the JD(S) has to fill in a ministerial position with whom they will be replaced. There is news that the JD(S) will provide the ministerial status to minorities or minister to the legislators of North Karnataka area.

Who will be the Ministers?

This time the cabinet expansion is overwhelmingly curious and will the Congress be disqualified for dissatisfaction? Whether or not the unhappy dissatisfaction with the cabinet is a dilemma for the alliance government. Two Independent legislators R Shankar and Nagesh of Mulabagili are expected to get one minister. R. Shankar was earlier given the ministerial post. He was then dropped from the cabinet. R Shankar and Nagesh had supported the BJP a few months ago. Later Nagesh backed the Congress.