Exemption from NEET Is The Only Solution, Says TVK Vijay

NEET Exam Protest
NEET Exam Protest

On July 2, students from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) organized a protest addressing the alleged irregularities in the 2024 NEET-UG and they marched towards the parliament. In addition to that, TVK Leader Vijay in his student meeting spoke against the NEET exam which created a lot of buzz. 

Protest Against NEET Exam:

On Tuesday, students from the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) organized a protest addressing the alleged irregularities in the 2024 NEET-UG. The students, affiliated with a student organization, voiced their demand for the resignation of Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan in response to a paper leak case.

Commencing their demonstration from the Patel Chowk Metro station, the students proceeded with a protest march towards the Parliament. The protesters held up signs and shouted slogans, demanding the Education Minister's immediate resignation.

However, as the protesters attempted to advance towards the parliament, they were met by law enforcement officers and paramilitary personnel, resulting in their detainment. Subsequently, they were later released in the evening. 

TVK Vijay On NEET:

The actor-turned-politician Vijay conducted the student-honoring meeting, for the students who gained high marks in public exams. In this meeting, Vijay opened up about his views on NEET that the exam is an anti-student examination, and mentioned he supports the Tamil Nadu government for their stance against NEET.

TVK Vijay said, “People have lost faith in the NEET examination. The nation doesn’t need NEET. Exemption from NEET is the only solution. I wholeheartedly welcome the resolution against NEET which was passed in the State Assembly. I request the Union Government to respect the emotions of the people of Tamil Nadu people. Education should be brought under the State List from the Concurrent list,”  

Rahul Gandhi On NEET:

Rahul Gandhi in his letter to the Prime Minister wrote to discuss the NEET exams in parliament "Our aim is to engage constructively to find a way forward. At this moment, our only concern is the welfare of nearly 24 lakh NEET aspirants across India. The NEET examination deserves immediate attention because it has exposed the deep rot in our higher education system. The past seven years have seen over 70 paper leaks, affecting over 2 crore students,"

In his first speech as the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha on Monday, Rahul Gandhi launched a strong critique of the BJP, accusing its leaders of encouraging communal division.

Addressing the media the next day, Gandhi reaffirmed his statements, asserting, "I have spoken the truth, and no matter how much they try to expunge it, the truth will prevail."

Gandhi expressed surprise and concern over the significant portions of his speech being removed from the House proceedings under the pretext of expunction.

Gandhi underscored his discontent with the process, stating that while the Chair had the authority to delete specific words and removals of his speech went beyond the intended scope of the rule. 


The DMK highlighted Tamil Nadu's pioneering stance against NEET, noting that the state was the first to oppose it. Recent irregularities have drawn national attention, prompting major political parties to criticize the exam.

The DMK described NEET as a system benefiting coaching centers financially, with recent arrests and investigations reinforcing concerns.

The Tamil Nadu Assembly passed a resolution on June 28, 2024, seeking an exemption for the state from NEET and urging the scrapping of the medical entrance exam altogether. The DMK daily stated, "Only now, the rest of India is fully realizing the fraudulent nature of NEET."

The hashtag 'No More NEET' is trending on social media amidst ongoing discussions and controversies surrounding the medical entrance exam.