Stones and Eggs were Thrown at Kamal Haasan in Election Rally

kamal Haasan in Election Rally
kamal Haasan in Election Rally

Kamal defends his Hindu terrorist statement

On Tuesday, Kamal Haasan in Election Rally, Aravakuruchi stated that the first terrorist of free India was a Hindu and his name is Nathuram Gotse This statement sparked controversy and the news spread like wildfire on social media. In an already politically charged situation, the opposition used the statement against him in every way possible. The amount of hate speech and threats forced Kamal Haasan to cancel some rallies the next day. In addition to this during Kamal Haasan in Election Rally, Thiruparankundram, 11 members of the Hindu Munnani and Anuman Sena groups tried to throw shoes at Kamal Haasan, but they were controlled and arrested by the local police.

The complaints

The number of complaints and cases against him went up to 40 today. As a precautionary measure, Kamal Haasan applied for a pre-bail which is to be decided on by the court today. Advocate Saravanan from Madurai filed a case against Kamal Haasan in the Madurai branch of Madras high court asking the judges to give first priority to this case in reference to the impending Election Day. The case requests the judges to ban Kamal Haasan in Election Rally from participating in any campaigns due to his controversial speeches that induce violence among communities.

In favour of Haasan

But the courts dismissed the case citing the decision taken in a similar case in the Delhi high court which says that such matters are a concern of the election commission and there is no need for the court to interfere.

Kamal stands strong

Addressing the issue yesterday Kamal Haasan in Election Rally said that his statement was historically accurate and that he was only stating the fact. He also criticised the opposition, in particular, the BJP party that threatening him won’t mask the truth.