Tamil Nadu Political Situation Before and After Lok Sabha Elections 2019

 Tamil Nadu Political Situation 2019
Tamil Nadu Political Situation 2019

Tamil Nadu Political Situation Before and After Lok Sabha Elections 2019: The seat of the Union Cabinet has not been left without a recognition that Tamilnadu has been made an annoyance. On the other side, the DMK is taking advantage of people's hate and making use of the spotlight to get back to the throne.  So, the fear of change of power is holding the state along with national parties. Generous Information is coming in from the party sources as DMK is trying to pull off the AIADMK MLAs by their side to initiate a change of governance but the support of BJP over the governing party is not letting it happen.

DMK's Plans to take over the Governance:Tamil Nadu Political Situation Before and After Lok Sabha Elections 2019

The motive of the DMK is to show that the 10 -15 MLAs, and the millions of AIADMK devotees are ready to change their party support to the side of DMK. If the AMMK President Dinakaran has heard Sasikala's instructions before her jailing, his range would have been different. National Party BJP has already dissatisfied with lose of their candidates and the ADMK candidates in Lok Sabha Elections 2019 all over Tamil Nadu. It is clear that everyone is angry with the governing party and all the oppositions and protests against the Government prove so.  According to Chief Minister Palaniswamy, no matter how much the people are angry with the BJP, it will somehow take charge as the governing party in the next assembly elections. However, the Chief Minister has spoken extensively about the lack of confidence, nothing seems clear at this point considering the political condition of the state. 

ADMK Chief's take on DMK Plans:Tamil Nadu Political Situation Before and After Lok Sabha Elections 2019

The Chief Minister has been shocked by the intelligence information that ADMK has already lost 4 MLAs to the DMK. Following this, AIADMK chief Edappadi  Palanisamy, who conducted the AIADMK Meet yesterday in Chennai, said, Stalin, is not speaking us from the backyard and the Cabinet ministers are determined to take over the regime. The Insurance Schemes launched by Modi have very much impressed the people all over the nation and the DMK MLAs who are hungry for taking over the power of is evident with their acts said the CM. So far 4 of the AIADMK MLAs have been involved in this deal and the important party cadres of AIADMK came to Chennai after consulting with the intelligence department and consulted the Chief Minister. Then the Chief Minister confirmed that those 4 MLAs have shifted their way to ADMK.

Dissatisfied CM and TTV's Wrong Calculations:Tamil Nadu Political Situation Before and After Lok Sabha Elections 2019

The dissatisfied Chief minister, who was disgruntled with such a serious crisis, has boycotted yesterday the Iftar party hosted by the AIADMK supremo. The party has also been discussing in detail about what is happening between the state and the central government, which closely observes every move of their party. The DMK dignitaries who have embarrassed MLAs are said to be in crisis due to raids conducted by the Central Government. The thing said by Sasikala to TTV is to leave 40 seats and focus only on 22 legislative constituencies, because the competition in 40 constituencies would lead to the victory of the DMK. The AIADMK and the DMK have stepped into an attempt to draw the disaffected elite to their own party. Dhinakaran would have realized how great his mistake was to decide to contest the elections on his own without any coalitions.

Rise of Seeman's NTK:Tamil Nadu Political Situation Before and After Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Seeman's Naam Tamilar Party has been a flag holder for all these years in the Tamil Nadu Politics and showed their involvement in all the state happenings and oppositions with some powerful protests. Unlike all these years the party has got a respective vote share in the past Lok Sabha Elections 2019 seeing a rise with a commanding number of votes from rural areas. Seeman who was seen making some aggressive speeches during his campaign all over the state seems to have garnered people's trust to an extent in order of bringing a change to the existing political condition.

The emergence of Kamal Haasan's MNM Party:Tamil Nadu Political Situation Before and After Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Actor turned Politician Kamal Haasan who started his new party Makkal Needhi Maiam contested in the elections for the first time and saw a result more than expected and overperformed the predictions by political spectators. Some of the candidates of MNM who contested on Lok Sabha Elections 2019 got more than lakh votes in constituencies like Coimbatore and parts of Chennai which is a huge achievement for a newly started party that too in the parliamentary elections. This made it evident that people are looking for a change and it is sure to affect the upcoming Assembly elections for the TN governance.

Impact of NOTA is Unexpected:

While more NOTA votes were expected this time, the amount of votes recorded for NOTA is less than that of the past time election by a negligible difference. People's dissatisfaction over the ruling party and distrust on the opposition parties lead to a respective amount of votes for NOTA while the entry of new parties made it reduced and it is a good sign of trust on the political parties. BJP who were seen competing with NOTA in the past years have made it big this time due to their alliance with ADMK. But the factor did not help them to win a seat in Tamil Nadu.

Political Change is not too far anymore:

While the two dominant Dravidian parties are the rulers of the state of TN for the past decades, the change in the ground situation of TN politics is not too far as we think. Unlike Lok Sabha Elections, the Assembly election situation will be different and people might show a different scenario after the entry of the demigods of Cinema Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan to politics. As Kamal Haasan has already seen an election, he will be more strategic this time to tick all boxes in bringing the expected change in TN. Rajinikanth who is silently observing things all this time is expected to give a big bang entry to next elections. Both MNM and Rajini's party who look tiny before the Dravidian parties' eyes can emerge as a most powerful force if join hands and people's thirst for seeing the change will be witnessed in the upcoming Legislative Elections.