TN Voter Count Declines in 2024 Lok Sabha Elections Compared to 2019

Lok Sabha Election 2024. Image Credit: X
Lok Sabha Election 2024. Image Credit: X

According to the latest information from the Election Commission, the voter turnout in Tamil Nadu has decreased significantly compared to the last election, which was held in 2019.

Chief Electoral Officer of Tamil Nadu Sathya Pratha Saku said an official announcement will be made today at 11 am about the percentage of votes registered in the Lok Sabha elections.

Lok Sabha Election 2024:

Yesterday, the first voting phase took place in 102 constituencies across 21 states, including Tamil Nadu and Puducherry. 6,23,33,925 people were eligible to vote, and 68,321 polling booths were set up across Tamil Nadu to facilitate voting. 

Due to the scorching summer heat, many voters besieged the polling stations early in the morning. However, polling slowed in the afternoon and early afternoon but picked up again in the evening. 

Many first-time voters, differently-abled persons, and old people brought in wheelchairs, among others, voted enthusiastically. Some first-time voters enjoyed taking selfies with inked fingers after casting their ballots. 

Vote Percentage:

As of 7 am yesterday, 72.09 per cent of votes were cast across Tamil Nadu. Later, the Election Commission of India officially announced that the total average voter turnout recorded in Tamil Nadu in the parliamentary elections was 69.46 per cent. This is 3 per cent less than the 72.44 per cent votes cast in the last 2019 parliamentary elections. 

The highest voter turnout in Tamil Nadu was recorded in the Dharmapuri constituency, with 81.48 per cent, while the lowest was in the Chennai constituency, with 53.91 per cent. 

In all three constituencies in Chennai, the voter turnout decreased compared to the last parliamentary election As the election is over in Tamil Nadu, the voters are excited to know who will win this year, 2024.