DMK Youth Wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin Proposed 12 Principles

DMK Youth Wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin Proposed 12 Principles
DMK Youth Wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin Proposed 12 Principles

DMK youth-wing in full swing-12 postulates deliberated apprises the entire DMK principles

DMK youth-wing gathered today to discuss on 12 postulates and the importance of youth’s contribution to steer the party ahead in the success road. Udhayanithi Stalin is heading the youth-wing and presented the postulates. The meeting commenced by thanking the leaders who contributed much for the development of the party followed by reverence and remembrance of the leaders who breathed their last recently and very importantly honouring the children who gave their life for NEET failure. Udhayanidhi composed himself better and started delivering the principles one by one. It looked very much natural, and he was not voicing out as a "Budding politician" but an experienced.

The 12 principles he quoted and requested the organizers, party members, leaders and others to strictly abide by and elevate the party to the next level. The 12 principles or postulates stated by Udhayanidhi Stalin to the youth-wing are

  • Every assembly should add 10K new members who are young and energetic. The age group of the person should be between 18 and 35 in order to join in the youth wing. In total, at least 30 lakh members should get added. Immediately the Identification card will be provided
  • We are thankful to the late party President and leader, K.Karunanidhi for his immense contribution to maintain the status of the Tamil language across India. In memory of the great leaders of DMK, sports activities and competitions should be conducted on their birthdays.
  • DMK youth wing will contribute to environmental protection. Cleaning rivers and other environmental activities will be performed. This service will be started from “Thirukuvalai” the birthplace of Karunanidhi.
  • In every district senior member of the party will educate the youth wing about the DMK’s principles, paths, success stories, tough terrains and others to motivate the young blood.
  • Conference will be held In every zone once in 3 months, and once it is over, state level conference will be conducted.
  • Youth wing will pressurize the existing state and central government to revoke the National education policy. The policy should not have been implemented at the cost of children’s lives. NEET has already cost four lives from Tamil Nadu.
  • Economic principles of the government are not in the right path and is condemnable. Our youth ing will keep opposing and voice out the strong opposition.
  • Government posts should be given priorities to the state population unlike now, which is filled with North Indian Hindi speaking people. Railways, Post Offices, are some places to highlight.
  • Never paying heed to the criticizers who always disparage our party as family politics. Entire Tamil Nadu is my family, and we are together striving to develop our state in turn the nation.
  • Legislative assembly elections would have proved better than the party is devoid of religion and casteism.
  • Our ancestral principles will be inherited in the youth-wing too.
  • DMK leaders are meant for hardworking and dedication. The senior leaders will lead the young blood in the right way by training them in the conference supposed to be organized monthly.

The conference is being conducted in Ekkaduthangal star hotel in Chennai, and it is expected to bring fruitful results. Neither in history of politics, the youth-wing has been given much importance, and the debut start from DMK will lead the other parties too, the way forward.

DMK Youth Wing Secretary Udhayanidhi Stalin Proposed 12 Principles