Coronavirus Spread Might Get Slow in Summer and Speed up in Winter

Coronavirus might return back full fledged in Winter
Coronavirus might return back full fledged in Winter

Coronavirus may live through summer and show up in winter! Many outbreaks like Measles, flu are seasonal and disappear as the climate goes off naturally every year. Likewise, Doctors and researchers claim that CoronaVirus dies with heat due to its meager heat resistant lipid layer.

However, the heart-throbbing question arises in the minds of COVID analyzers. The question is, can the Coronavirus live through summer and show up in winter? Researchers like Dr. Jill Weatherhead claims after a close watch about how the infection is spreading and whether the Coronavirus will spread after the end of heat during fall in areas now experiencing summertime.

There is a belief and not a proven record in Australia and Brazil; an increase in the temperature will directly decrease the number of people getting Coronavirus infection.

Comparatively, around the world, the Covid infection is less in India. However, there is no natural immunity in human beings to fight against the COVID virus spreading via close contact, sneeze, cough, and cold till now. Proper isolation of individuals from public gatherings and mass contact will be an essential step in curbing the spread of pandemic pathogenic disorder that is similar to the SARS and MERS.

As everyone knows, Wuhan of China is the primary creator and spreader of the World Health Organisation's pandemic Coronavirus. Compared to the initiated area, Italy seems to be marked with a more death rate than China.

With nearly 24,747 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Italy, there are 1809 fatalities to date. To be specific, 368 deaths occurred in a single day two days back on Sunday in Italy. Researchers things that the reason for the increase fatality rate around Italy is mainly due to a large number of older generation folks living with an average age of 47, whereas the US median age is 38. To be precise, nearly 23% of the Italian population is around the age of 65.

One hundred and sixty thousand people worldwide have been infected with the disease, which has been declared a worldwide pandemic. More than 7000 people have died of the disease. In India, as of Sunday night, 107 people had contracted the disease. Two of them have died.

We are reviewing the information regarding Coronavirus and its state in summer, says Central Health Department of India. The survival of coronaviruses in high temperatures can be difficult. But at high temperatures, the slow spread of Coronavirus is not confirmed.