DMDK Leader Vijayakanth Hospitalized Again Due To Ill Health

DMDK President Vijayakanth
DMDK President Vijayakanth

Vijayakanth has been hospitalised again due to ill health, and it is reported that he has been to a routine health checkup.

DMDK President Vijayakanth was admitted to MIOT Hospital on November 18 due to ill health. After a few weeks in the hospital, he recovered and returned home.

In this case, Vijayakanth has been hospitalised again due to ill health. DMDK about Vijayakanth being admitted to the hospital. In a statement issued by the head association, it has been informed that Vijayakanth has been brought to the hospital for a routine checkup and will return home the day after the checkup.

His fans and volunteers are already disappointed after seeing the visuals of actor Vujayakanth falling from a chair recently in a DMDK meeting. In this situation, it is expected that he will be returning home soon.